Imagine walking down Michigan Avenue, leisurely window-shopping, when suddenly you stumble across a store with items packed in the window from floor to ceiling. It appears that they have tried to put their entire inventory on display in the store-front window!

Perplexed by the chaos, you quickly move on to the next store.  You think, “What a mess! Why would they try and stuff their entire store in the window?  Why go inside when I’m already overwhelmed and repelled from the street?”

Unfortunately, this is the mistake that many Catholic parishes, schools, dioceses, and other organizations make with their website.

We think that we need to put everything on the home page or it might not be seen. The problem is, in doing so, we have become just like the above-mentioned store and the results are the same: visitors are completely overwhelmed by the chaos, leave our website and never return.

Like a store-front window, a website’s home page should only highlight 3-5 key “products”, or action items, that will invite visitors to come inside and look around. And if we want visitors to be repeat customers, we need to update our window often.

So don’t try and put your entire inventory in your store-front window.  Keep your home page clean, simple, and updated and visitors will not only come inside, but they will come back again and again.

What do you put in your store-front window? Leave your comments below!

Photo by Used with permission.